Teen Artist Guild (TAG)

Using the arts to harness the creative potential of teens in an entrepreneurial environment through skills training and hands-on education.

The TAG program gives motivated students between the ages of 14-19 the opportunity to develop skills in the arts and trains them to utilize creativity to provide services to the community in the form of paid work. The TAG team includes student workers alongside mentors who support them as they grow and become successful working artists. TAG members service the growing creative needs of local businesses and community groups while selling their artistic works and creative products. The program is rooted in The Hive and has access to a number of mediums and studio offerings including a graphic design lab, ceramics studio, painting studio, screen printing studio, as well as a spray facility. In an effort to ensure sustainability, the TAG team runs a stock materials thrift store in order to sustain the program budget as well as utilize scrap materials from local businesses that would otherwise end up in land fills.

The TAG program has been made possible with the continued support of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Youth Reach Program