Through My Lens Exhibit at The Hive

The Hive will host The Grace Center's second annual Through My Lens photography exhibit this Saturday, November, 21st from 12-3pm in The Falcon's Nest Gallery. The Grace Center is a drop-in day center with services for low-income adults in crisis. Every Wednesday this fall, the center gave participants a camera and sent them out to take photos of Gloucester with professional local photographer, Saoirse Donovan. The participants were asked to take pictures of the things they see everyday, with the goal of showing others the world from their point of view.

A Grace Center guest, Tom, participated last year and sold five photos. "I feel like I've been an artist for years," said Tom, "I want to capture the beauty of Gloucester. Even though I'm from here, I see so much beauty in Gloucester, all over the place, every day."

Christine Bobek, Program Director at Grace Center, shared her enthusiasm for the event, "It is such a wonderful way to let the community know how creative our guests are. I never know what to expect until I sort through the images, and I'm amazed at the variety and the quality of what I see. The photographers have a lot to be proud of."

Half of the proceeds from images sold on Saturday will go to the photographers and half will support the Grace Center.