Assistant Shop Keeper at Premier Imprints and Harbor Goods. Aspiring to be a curator/exhibition designer. 


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Class of 2015

Lynnfield High School Class of 2011

Betsey Janus may not be a Gloucester native, but she has come to love the community and the passion it has towards the arts.  So much so she currently resides just walking distance from Downtown Gloucester with her family.  Betsey works along Main Street at Harbor Goods and Premier Imprints.  You may have seen her, when she is not working, wandering Main Street or in one of the many restaurants in town.  She is a recent graduate of UMass Dartmouth (2015) with a BA in Art History.  Betsey loves to place her artistic abilities and passion not on a canvas, but through research and design towards an exhibit for the pleasure of visitors.